Christmas Makeup Workshops 2018?

To all my lovely ladies/clients and mums… I have a question and need some guidance with the following..I am thinking of organising couple of Makeup Workshops just before Christmas and need to see if any of you would be interested in the following…. One class would be during the day in the cosy coffee shop environment where you can bring your little ones (as there is a play area in situ ), I would demonstrate a Christmas/sparkly look on a model and then we can go through your existing makeup bags and I can show you how to use your existing makeup and make the best use of it. You can all bring your own makeup. On the model I will of course use my own tools and makeup. I […]

Makeup Awards Ceremony 2018

This Year I was very fortunate and happy to be nominated for “Creative Makeup Artist of the Year” by Official Makeup Awards Team. To receive an official nomination and go into the final round of the competition is absolutely exhilarating, I was ecstatic. I have worked very hard over the years, happily helping all my amazing clients feel beautiful, feel confident, stand tall and walk proud. As Charlotte Tilbury once said: Saying “Give Women the right makeup and she can conquer the world” is so true. We all feel so much more confident once makeup is applied, it gives us this invisible strength and confidence to get out there and “Slay “ Receiving this nomination was a huge deal for me and I was very happy to attend this prestigious […]

How to get a natural looking glow in ten minutes tops!

  When it comes to cosmetics, the one thing a lot of women struggle with is applying just enough makeup to achieve a natural looking glow without it looking overdone. Read on for a tutorial I give to all my clients on getting that natural summer glow in no time at all!   Here’s what you’ll need:   Foundation – I suggest Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Concealer – I love Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Setting powder – Try RCMA No colour Powder. Bronzer – I’m all over Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer Highlighter – My current fave is  Becca Smimmering perfector in Champagne Pop Mascara – Benefit’s Roller Lash is a favourite Pink lip gloss – any gloss will do   Here’s how it’s done:   As with all of my tutorials, […]

The how-to of concealers – colour matching made easy

Concealer has fast become one of the most vital products in every woman’s makeup bag for its incredible ability to cover and smooth patchy and uneven skin tones. However, matching your concealer to your natural skin tone is not the easiest of tasks. That’s why I’ve put together this simple blog post, to give you a bit of advice on selecting a concealer that will work wonders for you. There are a few things we should consider when colour testing and applying concealers against the skin: Complimentary colour       Let’s start with a bit of colour theory. I’ll try to make it as clear and straightforward for you, I promise. Okay, think back to GCSE art class and all that talk about primary and complimentary colours,  Yes, it is finally coming […]