The how-to of concealers – colour matching made easy

The how-to of concealers - colour matching made easy

Concealer has fast become one of the most vital products in every woman’s makeup bag for its incredible ability to cover and smooth patchy and uneven skin tones. However, matching your concealer to your natural skin tone is not the easiest of tasks. That’s why I’ve put together this simple blog post, to give you a bit of advice on selecting a concealer that will work wonders for you.

There are a few things we should consider when colour testing and applying concealers against the skin:

Complimentary colour      

Let’s start with a bit of colour theory. I’ll try to make it as clear and straightforward for you, I promise.

Okay, think back to GCSE art class and all that talk about primary and complimentary colours,  Yes, it is finally coming in handy! In a nutshell, what you’re aiming to do with your concealer is to neutralise skin discolouration, which means identifying discolouration on the skin and balancing it out with a complimentary colour. Trust me, it works.

For example, let’s take under eye bags, which are usually blue, grey and brown. You’ll want to neutralise any and all of these colours with a complimentary colour, which in this instance happens to be the colour pink. This means pink concealers are generally the go-to concealers to cover up bags.


Skin tone

The how-to of concealers - colour matching made easy


We should also consider skin tone when selecting the right concealer as we want the concealer to match our skin tone in order to look natural, otherwise it’ll just look really weird!


Light/cool skin tones:

Pink based concealers are your best bet


Olive skin tones:

Light peach concealers will work wonders for you


Dark skin tones:

The how-to of concealers - colour matching made easy


A peachy concealer perfectly evens out any skin discolouration you may have. Dark skin is usually lighter in the centre of the face and gradually gets darker on the perimeters, which can easily be balanced out, creating an even skin tone by applying peachy and orange based concealers.


Where to apply


Here’s the really crucial part. You’ve picked the colours that work best for you, but how and where do you apply them?

First, let me point out that concealer isn’t exclusive to the under eye area. You can also use concealer to cover any patches of uneven skin tone around your face and to accentuate your natural features.

If you’re choosing to use a corrector first, opt for a concealer that is a shade lighter as this will create a natural looking highlight, which can help to illuminate the face. Applying concealer to the high points of your face (the points which are generally more raised), such as the space on your forehead where your eyebrows meet and your upper lip will create a perfect highlighting effect.


There you have it girls. Will you let me know how concealer matching goes for you after reading this blog post? Don’t hesitate to drop me an email or message me directly.

Happy concealing to you!

Below are some of my personal favourites:

Tarte Shape Tape contour Concealer

MAC Studio Conceal and correct Palette (Dark) 

Ben Nye Cover All 6 Colour 6 Colour Wheel






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