Sanitation Practice for Makeup Sessions

With the rise of concerns surrounding the Covid 19 -Coronavirus, I am asked many questions about what practice has been put in place to ensure safe working environment for my clients and myself.
As a makeup artist it is my priority to ensure that makeup is applied in the safe, clean and risk-free environment

I have always placed the utmost importance on sanitation of my makeup kit, with the outbreak of Covid 19 virus I have stepped sanitation practice to the highest level. All my brushes are immediately deep cleaned after every single appointment (as have been before).

I use 70% alcohol solution to sanitise the brushes and then use antibacterial soap and water to deep clean them.
All the working surfaces and work stations are wiped down with disinfectant prior to laying my tools on these surfaces.
Makeup chair is sprayed with disinfectant spray between each client to ensure highest cleanliness is adhered to.

Immediately prior to every appointment my hands are thoroughly washed, and antibacterial spray is used afterwards. I do tend to wash my hands several times during the appointment.

I already use disposable tools to apply mascara, for lipstick I use disposable lipstick wands.

In addition to above practices I have just completed and a “Barbicade” Covid 19 Beauty course , I will ensure that all my clients feel healthy ,comfortable and  happy when working with me.

My intention  is to provide a luxury makeup service without compromising your health whilst using the highest level of sanitary practice.

What I would ask of you would be if you have any of the cold symptoms or fever please contact me in order to reschedule the appointment ( I will always endeavour to fit you in very quickly, as soon as you feel better).

Best Wishes


Mirna Conway

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