Makeup Awards Ceremony 2018

This Year I was very fortunate and happy to be nominated for “Creative Makeup Artist of the Year” by Official Makeup Awards Team.
To receive an official nomination and go into the final round of the competition is absolutely exhilarating, I was ecstatic.
I have worked very hard over the years, happily helping all my amazing clients feel beautiful, feel confident, stand tall and walk proud.
As Charlotte Tilbury once said: Saying “Give Women the right makeup and she can conquer the world” is so true. We all feel so much more confident once makeup is applied, it gives us this invisible strength and confidence to get out there and “Slay “
Receiving this nomination was a huge deal for me and I was very happy to attend this prestigious Makeup Award ceremony held in Manchester on the 27thMay.

It was a very glamorous occasion attended by over 200 makeup artists throughout Uk.
I was nervous and excited to be there. As the night went on and my category was announced admittedly I did hold my breath a little in anticipation. When all the nominees were announced, and the winner was chosen I could not believe it… It was announced that “Creative Makeup Artist of the Year for South East” was Makeup by Mirna, I nearly fainted. It is very nerve wracking walking onto the stage, but I was also very proud to be recognised by my peers in the industry and also to be voted “the best” in your category by general public, judges and my lovely clients, this all meant the world to me.
I love my job with passion, I love my job with every part of my being, but above all I absolutely love spending time with my clients making them the “best version “of themselves, giving them the confidence to stand tall.
Ladies, you all are mu Muses.
I dedicate this award to all my clients from far and wide that have trusted in me over the years and have allowed me to show their true beauty.
I am very happy and very grateful to have met each one of you.
With much love,

Makeup Awards Selfie

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