How to look like yourself on your wedding day and photograph beautifully

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I hope you are having an amazing time planning your wedding. If you are feeling little overwhelmed, please don’t be, I am here to help you with my tips and tricks and hopefully alleviate some of the stresses you may encounter along the way.
I am Mirna Conway, and I am professionally trained makeup artist based in Hertfordshire. I  cover Uk and destination weddings as well. I am here to help you navigate through some of the tough decisions you may have when it comes to choosing your makeup artist, I really  hope to help you and relieve some of the stresses when it comes to your bridal makeup.
In this blog post I will cover some of the most important questions you may have in regards to your wedding day look. With over 15 years in the industry and many weddings under my belt I have gained a lot of experience and am here to help you as your own personal makeup artist.
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Skin Preparation

The most important tip for makeup longevity and that flawless look is the skin preparation.
You have to use good quality skin care that suits your skin type in order to prepare for makeup application. If the skin is primed and prepared correctly you will not need the primer (yes, you did read that right). I do use some of the world’s best primers by Japanese company called Tatcha but they are very often not necessary.
In terms of skin prep, I absolutely love Sonia Roselli products such as: SexAppeal, Water oil, and Water balm. Using them will give your skin hydration it needs, glowy youthful look and it will create a perfect canvas for makeup application. I promise!!!
Think of a skin prep as a mini facial treatment. On a beautifully prepared  skin foundation will sit like a dream. On the other hand, if the skin is lacking hydration and hasn’t been prepped well ,foundation will look patchy and we certainly don’t want to see that.
It is my job as a makeup artist to give you and the members of your bridal party a luxury mini facial and prepare the skin for makeup application. Makeup will look beautiful and I am sure that you and your bridesmaids will enjoy the pampering session.

You will need to wear little more makeup then usual (don’t worry, not huge amounts)

When it comes to makeup on your wedding day where you will be photographed a lot you will need to wear little more makeup than usual (this does not mean you will look caked, quite the opposite). We want the makeup to show in photographs but skin still need to look like skin, therefore your makeup products will be blended to perfection to ensure that you have that gorgeous dewy complexion  and your skin is naturally flawless.
Good makeup artists are masters at skilful makeup application that will look great for the cameras and not be too opaque.
When deciding what kind of finish you would like when it comes to your complexion we will discuss your skin type, skin care routine you use, skin prep suitable for your wedding makeup and your skin texture. Then we will decide what products to use on your skin to achieve that flawless finish and apply makeup you will love.

Lighting is really Important

Lighting is the key when it comes to photography. Having the light which is too cool or too warm will have an effect on how makeup will show up in photographs.
Putting the makeup in natural light or white light will show you the true colour of the makeup you are using. If your makeup looks good in white light it will look good in any light.
Lighting is very important when it comes to matching the foundation, we want it to blend in with your skin, and if not matched under natural or white light we will not get the most flattering shade.
I always carry my professional “natural” light with me to ensure that makeup is applied to perfection.

Blush will give you that youthful look

When it comes to blush, blush is your friend. It will enliven your skin and give you that youthful look. An artist should  always carry a selection of blushes to location and choose the right blush to enliven your skin tone. It will look fabulous in photos.


Makeup artist Hertfordshire

I would always recommend to use lashes on your wedding day as they really “amp up” the look. There are so many different lashes available in today’s market, from very subtle styles, to more dramatic or individual lashes. There is something out  there to suite everyone. You don’t have to wear lashes if you are really against it, but my professional recommendation would be to use them on your wedding day.
My lovely ladies I hope you have found these tips and tricks useful. Feel free to contact me if you need any more tips or tricks.
As a bridal makeup artist who has worked in the industry for 15 years I can help you find exact look you will love whilst keeping in with your personality and life style.

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