Top Tips for the Flawless Skin to ensure the
PERFECT Bridal Makeup Look

Top Tips for the Flawless Skin to ensure the PERFECT Bridal Makeup Look

Hello Ladies,
I am Mirna Conway, your own professional Makeup Artist. Thank you for visiting my site and downloading my rates and my helpful makeup tips and tricks. Hope you will enjoy what I have to offer.
I am hoping you are having fun planning your perfect wedding. I totally appreciate the fact that you also must be nervous and overwhelmed at the sheer number of things you have to arrange; hence I am trying to be of help here by offering professional and friendly advice in hope to take little weight of your shoulders. So please feel free to give me a call if I can be of help at all. Remember advice doesn’t cost anything as we are all human beings and we have all been there, it is my own time and I am willing to help.
 In this guide, I’m going to break down my top tips to get the perfect skin and achieve that perfect bridal makeup look. I know bridal makeup and hairstyling can be daunting but I’m here to take the confusion and overwhelm away! My hope is that this guide gives you some helpful tips to get the perfect bridal makeup look. With hundreds of wedding days under our belts, I hope my expertise will make wedding makeup look one less thing you have to worry about! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get more information about my services & the booking process.
Relax, take a sip of wine (or tea) and let’s make you feel beautiful.
 Relax, take a sip of wine (or tea) and let’s make you feel beautiful.



Skin preparation

Your makeup is only as good as the skin it’s applied to. I like to educate my brides on the importance of a really great skincare routine leading up to the wedding day. I would suggest good hydrating facials that are tailored to your own skin’s needs are a great way to ensure you have healthy, happy, glowing skin leading up to the morning of your wedding.
Daily skincare is just as important as monthly facials. It’s like giving your skin several glasses of water you’re drinking each day. A good beautician will give you a customized skincare routine, and I have listed below few skincare tips you may want to use in addition.

Dry/Dehydrated Skin:

I would suggest exfoliating once or twice per week to get rid od dead skin and build-up of daily grime or skin pollutants. You skin will look fresh, be clean and ready to receive nourishing and hydrating elements from your daily moisturiser. I would suggest the use of creams over lotions (lotions are lighter in consistency, but creams will be more effective on dry skin types). Hyaluronic acid will be your best friend.

Normal skin type:

An oil-based makeup remover will help retain moisture. Vitamin C serums are fantastic and will brighten the skin. Glycolic acid will be great for your skin type.
Oily/Combination Skin Types:
Gel type moisturizers keep the overproduction of oil at bay. I would recommend a use of toner, but don’t use alcohol which strips the skin of natural oils. Use of Retinol is also recommended.

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