Secrets of the Trade: a clever makeup trick that will make your lips appear fuller using makeup

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You’re probably wondering how makeup artists and beauty bloggers are making their lips look pouty and lush. It’s pretty simple actually, with a bit of makeup and the below tutorial, you too can have fuller kissable lips in no time. Just follow my tutorial to be in the know!


Here’s what you’ll need:


A highlighter (preferably with shimmer) – I use Mac’s Soft and Gentle


Lip liner – of your choice


Lipstick – of your choice


Here’s how to do it:


Take your highlighter and apply it to your top lip, as well as the small space just above it, lining your lip with highlighter just above your natural lip line. This might sound unconventional, but it will accentuate the line that sits just above your natural lip colour. This will be the line that you’ll follow when applying the rest of your makeup.



Next, line your lips just above your lip line, up to the space you created with your highlighter. This will create a false illusion of fuller lips, yes, that is exactly how they do it on Instagram! Don’t over do it though, or you might end up with really false looking lips. A couple of millimetres above your lip line should do the trick.


The important thing now is to match your lip liner with your lipstick for a continuous shade. I would suggest starting off with a red lip liner and lipstick to practice with first. I’m currently all over Mac’s Ruby Woo and Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red Lipstick.



How did the highlighting trick work for you? Let me know by dropping me an email.

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