Here’s how you can apply blusher like a pro

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The most frequent question I’m asked by my clients is how to apply blusher correctly and effectively. It just seems that when it comes to applying the powdery pink stuff, no one really knows where exactly it should sit on the cheeks.


The main thing to remember is that blusher generally sits somewhere between your contour and highlighting shades, with your contour shade being applied just below the cheekbone where your skin sinks in, and your highlighter begin applied directly above it on the higher plain of your face.


Sounds a little too complicated?

Take a look in the mirror and smile. Do you see the apples of your cheeks? Gently dab a small amount of blush to this area and blend in well with swirling motions using a light and wispy blusher brush. Keep applying and blending in until you feel happy with the intensity of the colour.

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Applied too much blusher?

Blusher application is a skill to be mastered over time, so don’t worry if you’re not quite getting it right from the start. Simply apply some powder on top of your blusher to even out the colour. You can also use a kabuki brush to tone the intensity of your blusher down.


Blush application


Not quite sure which products to invest in?

When it comes to brushes, my personal favourites are:


Real Technique’s Blush Brush

Trish McEvoy 2B Sheer Blush Brush.


As for blushers, I often opt for the following:


Nars Orgasm Blush

Milani Luminoso (range)

Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy Blush


Not quite sure which colour to purchase?

Blusher has come a very long way since the good old days of a simple pink powder, with a range of colours and finishes to choose from. I personally feel that as a general rule, coral and peachy tones suit and look pretty on pretty much any skin tone. So if you prefer to play it safe, you really can’t go wrong with a coral.


A blusher with a bit of a shimmer really helps to enhance sun kissed summer skin, where as a matte blusher is a great option for a smooth and understated finish.


What’s your blusher application technique? Is there a shade or brand of blusher that you’d like me to review? Drop us a comment below!


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