Product of the Week: Artis Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set

Artis brushes pic 1

We put so much effort into searching for the perfect cosmetics products to put on our skin, but it’s easy to forget that what you use to apply your makeup is just as important as the product itself. I’m all over Artis brushes at the moment and especially their Elite Mirror 5 brush set range.


They may look a bit odd compared to your conventional makeup brushes, but the Artis Elite Mirror brushes have been specifically designed to make makeup application much easier and precise. The flat handles are shaped for a better grip, providing control for a more accurate application, which instantly makes these brushes winners in my books.


Each brush is made from CosmeFibre, which makes them animal product free, while providing superior makeup application performance.


This nifty set of five brushes will cover you for your foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, eyebrow and lip product application, making them as versatile as they are effective!


A little bit about each brush:


Circle 1 Brush

Circle I

The Circle 1 brush has a slight tilt from the handle and a round fibre bundle with a flat surface area, which makes lipstick application smooth sailing. It’s also a great brush to use for small areas of concealer application, as well as eyeshadow application.

Linear 1 Brush

Linear I brush

The linear 1 brush has a very fine line set of fibres that makes eyeliner and brow definition application an absolute breeze. This is brush is especially handy when it comes to applications that require precision. Watch out cat eyeliner, I’m going in for a perfectly winged flick!



Oval 6 Brush

Oval 6 Brush

The Oval 6 brush is Artis’ most popular and versatile brush as it can be used to apply a range of products, including foundation, blusher, concealer and eyeshadow. It’s also an ideal option for contouring. I particularly love to use the Oval 6 for my blusher application as it blends my blusher in well with a nice natural finish.

Oval 4 Brush

 Oval 4 brush

The Oval 4 brush has been specifically designed to apply product to the eye area and makes for an excellent eyeshadow and under eye concealer application brush.

Oval 3 Brush

Oval 3 Brush

Have you tried out the Artis Elite Mirror brushes yet? Do you have a personal favourite? Let me know by email or drop a comment below!


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