Here’s how to apply long last red lipstick that actually lasts all day

Here’s how to apply long last red lipstick that actually lasts all day

We all love a bit of red lippy, but how many times have you resisted reaching for the red because you just can’t be bothered to reapply your colour when it starts to fade? Below is my personal guide to applying red lipstick and making sure it lasts the day!


  1. You want to start with a smooth base, so exfoliate those lips and apply a good moisturising product, I use the Bobby Brown Lip Balm with SPF, to get those smackers ready for a touch of colour.


  1. You don’t want your lips to be too greasy, so blot off any excess lip balm with blotting paper – this will make all the difference when it comes to applying your lipstick.


  1. Start off your colour application with a touch of lipliner, by lining your lips in red. My personal favourite is the Mac Lipliner in Cherry, I just love the intensity of the pigment! Don’t forget to line the inner corners of your mouth too.


  1. Now for the science part: the secret to a long-lasting red lipstick application is to apply a layer of red lip stain as a primer beneath your lipstick. Lipstick tends to wear off, but a stain is much harder to remove, so even if your lipstick does start to come off, your stain will remain intact until you have time for a touch-up. Layer up on your lip stain application for a bolder finish and make sure you allow time for your stain be absorbed between applications.


  1. For a truly pigmented finish, reapply your lipliner, but this time apply it all over your lips.


  1. It’s lipstick time! I’m currently obsessing over the Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo, so go ahead and team that up with the Cherry lipliner if you’re not sure which colour to choose from. I’d suggest applying your lipstick using a lip brush as the pointed edge can really help when it comes to applying your product.
  2. For a bit of added shine, dab a bit of clear gloss to the centre of your lips.There you have it, long-lasting red colour! Do you have a personal favourite red lipstick that you’re currently raving about? Is there a particular she of red  lipstick that you’d like to see reviewed? Drop me a comment below!
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