The one product I keep going back to: Mac Powder Blush in Margin

As a makeup artist nothing excites me more than experimenting with innovative new cosmetics products, but there are a couple of items I keep going back to time and again, and one of those products happens to be Mac’s Powder Blush in Margin.   Mac’s Powder Blush in Margin is a light-weight, durable powder blusher in a peachy-brown tone with an added golden shimmer. The colour itself is subtly metallic, which makes it the ideal product to enhance a Summer tan. I personally use it as a blusher and a highlighter as it gives me a wonderfully peachy sheen finish and a warm weather glow.   The great thing about this blusher, and one of the main reasons I keep going back to it, is its durability. Unlike most high-street […]

How to achieve a beautiful ombré lip

If there’s one part of the face that has received considerable attention in the cosmetics stakes this season, it would have to be the lips. Everyone’s obsessed with big lips and bloggers the world over are posting tips and tricks on how to make lips look fuller. One effective trick to achieve fuller lips without having to go under the knife, or use lip plumping kits is to create an ombré lip effect. Here’s how it’s done!     Ombré basically means two colours that gradually blend into each other, as with the ombré hair trend of having darker roots and lighter tips. But, ombré isn’t a term that’s exclusively applied to this particular hair colouring technique, it’s also a hot new lip colour trend that has taken the beauty […]

Product Review: the Beautyblender revolutionising makeup application one blend at a time

The original Beautyblender is a cosmetic product application sponge that has seen its status elevated to that of the godfather of all applicators. But, is it really all that it’s cracked up to be?     The Beautyblender is a versatile egg-shaped applicator that can be used to apply a range of primarily liquid-based cosmetic products, including primers, foundation, cream blushes and powders. It happens to be non-disposable and can simply be washed, dried and kept in your makeup bag for multiple uses. It also comes in an array of colours, so if you prefer to have one sponge per product, you can colour code your blending sponges according to which products you use them with the most.   The beauty of the Beautyblender is in its shape, which gives […]

Beauty Essentials: Festival Makeup Survival Kit

I won’t tempt fate by daring to saying that Summer is officially here, but festival season is definitely just around the corner! Below is a list of my personal cosmetics favourites that I always bring along with me to festivals. Hand sanitiser Festivals are dirty places with gross communal toilets and a general lack of sanitation, so I suggest keeping a hand sanitiser on you at all times. Not only do hand sanitisers kill most common germs, there’s no need to rinse them off, which can be a godsend when you don’t have a bathroom nearby, but you desperately need to clean your hands. They come in handy compact bottles too, so you can keep one on you at all times.   Facial cleansing wipes I don’t want to risk […]