What’s in my makeup bag? My favourite cosmetic products for May

Ever wondered what’s inside a professional makeup artist’s makeup bag? Wonder no more as I share with you my current favourite cosmetic products for May.   Moisturising is the key I always carry a small bottle of moisturiser with me, because you never know when you’ll need a top up! I’m currently raving about Liz Earle products and keep a bottle of Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser with me at all times. The Superskin Moisturiser by Liz Earle is an ultra-rich daytime moisturiser, which is specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin types. I love its fragrance-free formula, which is gentle on my skin while providing intense moisture. Keep it concealed Concealer would have to come second in my most frequently used cosmetic products and I keep a small tube of […]
Strobing makeup Technique

Highlighting – Strobing Technique

Back to Basics: Highlighting and Strobing for Beginners Both strobing and highlighting are two “old timer” techniques used by makeup artists the world over, but as with most hidden treasures, both have been leaked and popularised by beauty bloggers and are currently riding the makeup popularity wave. Here’s a bit of advice on how to incorporate both of these revolutionary techniques into your makeup routine.   What’s the big deal with highlighting and strobing?: Both techniques “highlight” prominent facial features, including cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, brow bones and the chin,facial features, which quite honestly, we all wish we were naturally born with.   Highlighting: In general, you want to highlight your raised facial features post-contouring. It’s simply a way of creating a balance between the areas of your […]

Bronzing for beginners – basic bronze application techniques

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to celebrate, but let’s be honest with ourselves, the UK isn’t exactly known for its super hot summers. If you fancy a natural looking tan without the help of the sun, follow these simple steps and we’ll have you bronzing like a pro!   Choosing the colour of your bronzer First thing’s first, as with pretty much any other cosmetic product, you need to choose the right colour for your skin tone. Applying a bronzer that’s far too dark for your skin will only make you look dirty instead of sun kissed. Also, try to avoid orange and copper tones, it’s a tan you’re after not a face like an orangutan. Lighter skinned ladies should definitely opt for a bronzer that has […]

Eyeshadows to make your eye colour pop

It’s amazing how colour theory can be applied to just about any creative process, including makeup application. Below is a little advice on how to enhance that sparkle in your eyes by using certain eyeshadows to make your natural eye colour pop! Cool blue eyes: Neutral tones or coppers/gold/ terracotta tones are usually suggested as complimentary to cool blue eyes, so soft pastels are a good place to start. According to colour theory, shades on the opposite end of the colour spectrum compliment each other, so try experimenting with orange and coral tones to really get your eyes popping. Avoid overly harsh tones and smokey eyes as these will only serve to overpower your naturally bright eye colour. Apply a champagne / sheer toned eyeshadow to the bottom inner corner […]